Feel Good About Yourself Again with a New Head of Hair in Philadelphia, PA

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Hair Restoration

Your hair goes through changes as the rest of your body does. One of those changes can be loss of hair from mild thinning to complete baldness. Whether caused by genetics, illness, aging, or other reason, a renewed feeling of positive self-worth can be yours when you undergo hair replacement for men in Philadelphia, PA.

Reasons to Seek Hair Replacement

Your thinning hair or complete hair loss could be caused by a habit you don’t even know is doing harm. Wearing a hat just because you like to or to cover premature balding can contribute to losing more hair. Some shampoos can cause hair to become brittle and break. Lack of certain vitamins and poor nutrition can be part of the reason your hair is not at its best. You could be taking a medication or have an illness that affects hair growth. These reasons and more can be causing you to feel bad about yourself because of how your hair looks or feels.

Methods of Hair Replacement for Men in Philadelphia, PA

The type of hair loss you have often determines the hair replacement treatment that will best benefit you. Laser therapy, platelet injections, and steroid injections are some of the most common treatments for hair loss. You might have the option to have a hair transplant, which will surgically move hair from one part of your body to your scalp. This is something best discussed with your physician based on your diagnosis and genetic history.

Consider contacting Feller & Bloxham Philadelphia, PC, today at https://philadelphiahairtransplant.com to make an appointment for a consultation. A hair transplant could be the new beginning you’ve been looking for.

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