Eye Diseases That Are Treated with Laser Surgery in Pender, NE

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Online Md Blog

Although many people think of LASIK when they hear the words laser eye surgery, lasers are used in many different surgeries to treat eye diseases. While opticians can diagnose eye conditions which may require surgery, they do not perform the procedures themselves. Instead, they will refer their patients to eye surgeons who can treat these conditions with laser surgeries.


Most people who are diagnosed with cataracts are senior citizens because cataracts are caused by changes in the eye’s lens structure as a result of aging. Cataracts cause blurred vision due to the lens becoming cloudy. By performing laser surgery in Pender, NE or eye surgery with a blade, the old lens is removed and is then replaced with a new one to correct this vision impairment.


Laser surgery can also help treat and correct vision problems caused by glaucoma, which is the name for a group of eye diseases rather than a single disease. Although most glaucoma patients are older, these diseases can occur at any age. Glaucoma can cause blindness if not caught in time or if patients do not comply with the treatments they are given, which usually include using medications like eye drops to treat the diseases.

Macular Degeneration

Another eye disease which can cause blindness is macular degeneration. This disease has two types, wet and dry, with the wet version causing rapid and severe vision loss. However, the dry version is more common. To treat macular degeneration, laser surgery may be recommended, but it cannot completely stop the disease, and some vision loss is inevitable.

It is important to have your eyes regularly examined to spot early signs of eye diseases so they can be successfully treated. If you need more information about eye diseases or want to make an appointment with an optician, visit the website.

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