Exploring Lift Chairs And More In Pittsburgh PA

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Health

The U.S. senior population is exploding. Thanks to medical technology, people are living longer than ever. Not surprisingly, they want to age at home. Keeping the same neighbors and surroundings makes the elderly feel secure. Thankfully, there are numerous home health aids to make life more comfortable.

Favorite Habits Do Not Have To Change

There are those who like to sit in the recliner and watch t.v. However, it may be a problem for some to get out of the chair. If so, explore Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA. Lift chairs are available that look just like recliners. However, they give the knees and body an extra boost to stand. There is a mechanical device inside that pushes the chair up from its base.

Technology Makes Everything Simpler

Many devices make a living easier for seniors. For example, one can monitor their blood pressure with a cuff device. Likewise, most things are available with a remote. Indeed, you can turn on the ceiling fan without leaving the chair. Further, television remotes work with voice commands these days. Additionally, program contacts into a smart phone and dial by voice command.

Bathroom Life Made Safe And Secure

Explore using a commode seat to aid in going to the bathroom. It is a seat that goes on the regular seat to make getting up easier. Likewise, shower chairs and seats are available for those who cannot stand for long periods. Be sure to invest in at least two grab bars for the tub and shower area. In addition, a non-skid bath mat limits the risk of falling.

Mobility Made Easy

Seniors who have problems with stairs should look into a stair lift. No home renovations are necessary. Modern stair lifts hook onto the wall and not the stairs. Indeed, they can be purchased for straight or curved stairs. Moreover, new rolling walkers are a good investment. They make people feel more secure if they are a little unsure on their feet.

Those who are interested in walkers, assistive devices or Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA should visit McArdle Surgical. They sell a wide range of affordable home health devices.

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