Exactly When Is Speech Therapy In Madison, CT Necessary For A Child?

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Health

Unfortunately, some children need Speech Therapy in Madison CT and never receive it. It’s important to understand that children can progress at different rates. If a child is progressing at a slow rate, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need a therapist. However, whenever a parent has concerns about their child’s development, it’s best to err on the side of caution and visit a speech therapist for an evaluation. An evaluation isn’t going to be expensive and can give a parent peace of mind. It’s usually easier to correct problems if intervention isn’t delayed.

When should parents think about visiting Gladeview Rehabilitation and Health Care or another place to see whether or not their child needs Speech Therapy in Madison CT? If a child who is older than a year isn’t saying any words, the child might have an issue with speech. Usually, children will start to try to put words together around the age of 18 months. Children who don’t say many words or who aren’t trying to put words together to communicate might have speech problems. If a child is trying to say words around that age, and none of the words can be understood, there could be an issue. Parents who have tried and failed to correct their children’s speech patterns might need professional assistance.

A child that is over the age of two shouldn’t have many problems saying easy words. Sometimes, parents think it’s cute for their children to mispronounce words. Mispronouncing simple words isn’t much of a problem at an early age, but if a child continues to have problems making easier sounds, they might need a proper evaluation by a speech therapist to ensure there isn’t a serious problem. It’s important that parents don’t panic just because their children are having problems talking. They shouldn’t scold their children or try to shame them. Parents have to be patient when they are dealing with their children and helping them learn how to communicate.

Speech therapists can be of great help to parents and children. Children can start to develop problems socializing if they have speech problems that aren’t being treated. Early intervention is key to helping a child overcome any problems they are having with speech and communication.

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