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Effective Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Illinois

Multiple Sclerosis treatment in Illinois is focused on treating the symptoms because there is no cure right now. This disease can affect people from young adult age (in their 20’s) to middle age (40’s). The associated symptoms of this disease can be debilitating and include, numbness of the limbs, cognitive difficulties, tremors, speech problems, spasticity, depression and more. Managing the symptoms is critical to living a full life. There are two types of MS, primary-progressive and relapsing-remitting.

The Treatments

MS is a complex disease that produces varied symptoms, in some case symptoms are very mild and really do not need to be treated, in other cases the symptoms can be constant. In most cases the symptoms are somewhere down the middle between mild and constant. The symptoms can come in waves. You may be okay for weeks at a time and then you may have symptoms for months at a time. The disease is different for everyone. Some treatment options include:

  • Steroid treatment
  • Immunotherapy treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Muscle relaxers
  • Medical cannabis

Many of the traditional treatment options (drug therapies) can be superseded by opting for treatment with medical cannabis. Patients have reported great relief from using medical cannabis for treating MS. It may be the ideal solution for you.

Is Medical Cannabis Right for You?

The only one that can determine if medical cannabis is the right treatment option for you, is your doctor. It is often used as a complement to other therapies to improve results. In many cases patients have found that medical cannabis can replace other drug therapies altogether. Speak to your doctor about your options and once you get the go ahead, contact Greenhouse. You can get the support that you need from Greenhouse IL for treating your MS with medical cannabis.

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