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Diabetics Need Regular Foot Care From Foot And Ankle Specialists In Racine, WI

Diabetics must be extra vigilant in caring for their feet. There are a number of foot problems diabetics encounter that can lead to serious complications, up to and including amputation. Regular examinations and treatment from Foot And Ankle Specialists in Racine WI are essential.

The chronically high glucose (blood sugar) levels associated with diabetes make it essential for diabetics to be aware of any developing foot problems. Any foot issue has the potential to become more serious for someone with diabetes, especially if their blood sugar is not well controlled.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage can result in a loss of feeling in the foot, tingling, or burning sensations, or weakness. A diabetic can injure their foot and not realize it, allowing a simple cut or sore to become a serious infection. The loss of feeling makes walking more difficult and can result in a twisted ankle or a fall, which is especially dangerous for an older person.

Nerve damage can also cause changes in the shape of the foot or toes. Special therapeutic shoes can be invaluable as regular shoes can not accommodate deformed feet.

Changes to the Skin

Diabetics are prone to peeling and cracking skin on their feet, which is another problem related to nerve damage. It’s essential that the feet be examined after bathing. Using petroleum jelly or an unscented hand cream will help to retain moisture in the skin. However, don’t put any oils or creams between the toes. Excess moisture between the toes causes an increased risk of an infection.


Calluses are caused by pressure under the feet and are aggravated by improper footwear. If not trimmed, a callus can become a very dangerous ulcer or open sore. It’s very important that a callus only be trimmed by a professional with the proper training.

Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers are extremely serious and must be promptly treated. If neglected, an ulcer can result in a bone infection and, in the worst case, an amputation. Poor circulation, another problem common to diabetics, is associated with foot ulcers and impedes healing.

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