Detecting Disease and Seeing If It Has Spread in California with PET Scans

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Health

PET scans can be used by physicians to diagnose disease. These scans can see the biochemical changes that occur within an individual while the scan is being done. In addition to diagnosing disease, these scans can be used to see how far a disease has spread and be used in conjunction with treatment to see its effectiveness.

A cardiologist may recommend a cardiac PET scan for a patient to detect the disease before symptoms become clear. In comparison to other imaging tests, a cardiac PET scan can detect signs of disease earlier.

Cardiac PET scans are a good option for individuals who are afraid of getting an infection while having a medical procedure done to diagnose the disease. They are also a good option for individuals who are concerned about higher levels of radiation when using other forms of imaging tests.

Doctors will recommend PET scans when a patient has a tumor. It can differentiate between noncancerous and cancerous tumors. This is an effective tool to use since the alternative in past times was using exploratory surgeries to check the stage of cancer.

While PET scans provide a variety of benefits, they are not right for everyone. For example, pregnant women would not want to use PET scans because of the radioactive elements that could potentially cause complications. It is also not the right option if an individual needs multiple imaging tests.

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