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Convenient Residential Options For Senior Citizens In Utah County

Assisted Living Facilities

Staffed by certified nursing assistants at a 24/7 schedule, assisted living facilities are excellent options for clients seeking senior living facilities in Utah County. Such venues strongly urge residents to enjoy a fully independent lifestyle to the greatest extent possible. The on-site wellness programs promote an active way of life on a daily basis. Various recreational programs provide mental and physical stimulation to the residents. The assisted living facilities provide mobility assistance for individuals who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers and other mobility aids. Physical therapists are also readily available to help the residents with recovery from surgery, medical procedures or recent injuries. The friendly staff members are also responsible for issuing reminders on medication as scheduled and prescribed. Additionally, the senior living facilities in Utah County offer assistance with restroom use, showering, housekeeping and laundry. Two distinct levels of care are available depending on the unique needs of the residents at the assisted living units.

Memory Care

Dementia is one of the most common cognitive conditions among elderly people in the United States of America. Elderly individuals who suffer from such a problem may benefit from the memory care services at senior living facilities in Utah County. Qualified staff members provide a secure and safe environment for such patients who have memory loss. All valuable belongings are properly locked and stored in secure storage compartments that are only accessible to authorized people.

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