Considerations for Senior Home Health Care in Hinsdale

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Home Health Care

Most people think that senior home care only includes help with personal care, but it can consist of much more. Non-medical caregivers can help you use the restroom, bathe, dress, and more. For example, they may help you wash your hair and comb it, help with denture cleaning and oral hygiene, or file your nails. Along with such, they can help you do things around the house, such as wash/dry/fold laundry and bedding, light housekeeping, and help you prepare meals. They can even go with you and transport you to the grocery store to pick up ingredients, making it a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Home Helpers of Hinsdale offers a variety of home health care services, which can include help around the house. However, the company also provides skilled nursing care, and a registered nurse will always come to the home to help with a variety of services, such as PICC lines and injections, diabetes training, setting up medications, and the like. If that weren’t enough, you could also enjoy comfort visits from Jeremiah, a dog that is trained to be comforting, peaceful, and gives companionship. You can get the help (both medical and non-medical) you need, as well as companionship from animals and professional caregivers.

While most people think that home care just includes daily living needs, skilled nursing in Hinsdale is also available. With such, you have regular visits with a registered nurse. You and your doctor can discuss options and determine how often you should see the nurse. He or she can come to your home and help with Coumadin monitoring, assessments, straight catheterization, blood sugar testing, and much more. This can help you reduce the number of times you go to the doctor each month and gives you someone to talk to who is compassionate, caring, and helpful.

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