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Common Concerns Regarding Spine Surgery

When a general practitioner mentions surgery, regardless of the reason, it can be disconcerting. When the surgery involves the spine, the level of concern can increase a hundred fold. While many fears regarding spine surgery are well founded, there are ways to help ease some of the most common concerns.

Spinal Cord Concerns

Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, loss of motor function, and pain. New damage to the spinal cord is one of the biggest concerns that patients have when it comes to having spine surgery. There are a lot of potential problems and complications that can arise during surgery, which may damage the spinal cord and lead to paralysis. Statistically speaking, the complications tend to occur at a rate of less than 1 per 300 operations, but each surgeon has a unique record and many have even fewer accidents.

Dural Tears and Leaks

Unintended tears in the dural sac that covers the spinal cord and nerves can lead to leakage of cerebral spinal fluid. Often, these injuries can lead to headaches and other complications that require further surgery to repair. While it sounds dramatic and serious, the actual odds of this happening are only 2% to 17% of all patients and spinal surgeries.

Clots, Sores, Infections

Injuries not related directly to the spine also create concern for many patients.

  • The most common post-surgery complication is infection. About 1 in 25 patients who have spinal surgery will require antibiotic treatments. As a precaution, many surgeons will opt to administer preventive courses to help reduce the chance of developing an active infection.
  • Spinal surgeries tend to be long and intensive, and as result of being on the operating table for prolonged periods of time, patients can develop pressure sores. Most often, when they do occur, they are on the face and tend to resolve without complications.
  • Blood clots in the legs can also develop as a result of being confined to a bed, or being in one position for too long during the operation. Preventive care before and after the operation can greatly reduce the chances of developing clots.

Soothing Your Concerns

The best thing you can do to calm your concerns is get comfortable with your surgeon. Talk with them about their personal records of success and complications. Highly skilled and qualified surgeons will have no problem soothing patient concerns and discussing their personal achievements for successful, uncomplicated surgeries.

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