Common Causes of Hair Loss in West Chester, PA

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Health

Hair loss is damaging to the self-esteem. It can make an individual hesitant to look at in the mirror. This can also hamper the desire to attend social events. There are several different issues that can result in hair loss. While only a doctor can accurately pinpoint the cause, this problem can be successfully addressed.

One of the major contributors to Hair Loss in West Chester PA is prescription drugs. Some prescription drugs attack the hair follicles. This can result in the loss of hair. While some drugs such as chemotherapy prescriptions can result in the loss of all hair, others may cause the loss in patches or thin. While talking to the doctor about this side effect is important in evaluating a prescription drug, the hair loss can be permanent.

Another major contributor to loss of hair is genetics. Genetics plays a greater role later in life. The level of chemicals keeping hair growing can dramatically drop off. Signals to grow hair can deteriorate. While looking at genetics can greatly predict if hair loss is going to happen, it doesn’t always dictate when it is going to happen. Once the issue is detected measures can be taken to help with the problem before the hair loss becomes a major self-esteem issue.

The Hair Loss in West Chester PA can also be caused by a heavy stress load. Stress is known to have a physical effect on the body. The body defenses start failing as the stress levels increase. This can result in a decrease in the ability to replace lost hair resulting in patchy or bald spots. Reducing the stress load may not reverse the effect of the loss. Hair may not grow back as well as it once was resulting in a visual reminder of the high-stress levels.

Prescription drugs, genetics, and stress, can play a role in the reduction of the hair on the head. Any of these alone are enough to damage the view in the mirror. Contact BeBalanced Center for questions on hair loss. In addition, take a time to browse website for more information on how to rebuild self-esteem by improving the amount of hair on the head.

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