Checklist Boards Help Make Communication in Surgery Safer

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Health

Naturally, any means of making surgery safer should be implemented by hospital staff and administrators. It goes without saying that all conditions must be germ-free and sanitary. And another safety means that can be taken in surgery is the integration of a detailed, comprehensive, and convenient surgery safety checklist.

A surgical safety checklist aids greatly in providing a back-up to human memory during procedures, both in routine and emergency situations. One company out in the marketplace has taken safety checklists to a newer, higher level, patenting a unique design that was created as a result of getting invaluable input and feedback from practitioners and healthcare professionals all across the United States.

Checklists, which can come in a variety of assorted sizes, are made of 1/4 clear acrylic. What’s unique about them is that the checklists are customized to the needs of the site in which it’s placed (for example, surgery, post-op, admissions, etc.), addressing specific needs to prevent possible errors or omissions. Additional space can be created for a notes section on the board.

This board, which comes from the manufacturer completely assembled, is designed to be mounted on a wall. If and when the need does arise, the safety checklist can be engineered to be portable, conveniently fitting on a cart or other device.

Once checklist items are completed, the patented slider moves from red to green, and makes an audible click. What with the bold colors and audible click, staff will be sure to know that the task has been taken care of.

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