Caring For The Health Of Your Eyes By Visiting A Jacksonville Eye Doctor

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Optometrists

Whether you have trouble seeing clearly or you believe that there could be a medical issue pertaining to the health of your eyes, there are several reasons why you would benefit from going to an eye care center Jacksonville FL offers. When you visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist, you need to make the doctor aware of any vision changes that you’ve noticed as well as any changes in other medical conditions. This information can help your doctor better treat vision issues and perform tests to determine what could be wrong.


The most common reason to make an appointment with an eye care center Jacksonville FL offers is to make sure your vision is where it should be and get the proper types of correction if you have trouble seeing. These types include contacts, glasses, or surgery depending on the severity of your vision issues and whether or not you want to use corrective lenses.


This is a common condition that is sometimes associated with diabetes. If you’ve never been diagnosed with glaucoma, your doctor can perform pressure tests to check these measurements to determine if this is a condition that you might have. Glaucoma can sometimes result in strain in your eyes and headaches. If you experience severe pain along with drastic changes in your vision, then this condition should be treated as soon as possible to prevent vision loss.


Another issue that is quite common regarding your eyes is a cataract. You can have a cataract on one eye or both eyes. Most of the time, your doctor will monitor the size of the cataract to ensure that it doesn’t get too big before surgery is performed. Even if you do need to have surgery as cataracts can impact your vision, the recovery is usually easy to manage.

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