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Can Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt My Fetus?

Prenatal chiropractic care aims at adjusting and realigning the spinal columns of expectant mothers. These adjustments reduce discomfort resulting from loosened ligaments that occur during pregnancy. They also keep you in good moods and prepare you for labor. However, there are concerns about chiropractic adjustments to the fetus that we will be addressing.

Is Chiropractic Adjustment Safe When You Are Pregnant?

Before getting chiropractic care during pregnancy, you need to consult your medical practitioner to advise what is safe for you and the baby. Ensure that the chiropractor is state licensed and has adequate training and experience working with pregnant women.

To ensure the expectant mother and the fetus are safe, the chiropractor should have an adjustable table that does not exert pressure on the tummy during treatments. When you are in your third trimester, you may stop all procedures that need you to lie on your back while in session.

Prenatal chiropractic adjustments are safe for pregnant women and their babies. There are no studies linking them to pregnancy risks.

Can Chiropractic Adjustment Hurt Fetus?

A well-trained Charleston, SC prenatal chiropractor will use the ‘Webster Technique’ when performing adjustments on pregnant women. This technique does not hurt the fetus because it improves the sacral and pelvic alignment.

The Webster technique aims at creating room in the pelvis for the fetus to move around when developing. This results in a smooth delivery with less time in labor. This technique also helps a baby who is breech to get into the optimal position before birth.

How Often Should You Visit A Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

There is no standard schedule for vising a chiropractor in Charleston,SC when you are pregnant. However, just to be safe, consider visiting your chiropractor regularly – probably once every month for spine alignment. If your pregnancy is causing you more discomfort, you may schedule more visits for chiropractic care during pregnancy.

In your third trimester, the Webster technique will work best for you. Prenatal chiropractic adjustments can solve misalignment issues arising from swollen limbs and a growing belly. An adjustment will improve your alignment to reduce the discomfort making your pregnancy journey less challenging Connection Health Center.

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