Can a Basic Headache Topeka KS Be Cause for Chiropractic Treatment?

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Physical Therapy

Chiropractors usually look at the spine and the muscles as they relate to the bones. They work out kinks in the back. They treat patients after a vehicle accident or sport injury that could potentially leave them with a walking a stick for life.

All of these issues sound harrowing, and they are. But, is it possible for a simple Headache Topeka KS to be reason enough to visit a chiropractic professional? There are patients that visit the local practitioner because of a headache: no car accident, no sports injury. A simple headache is enough to bring them in the door.

Tension in the neck or upper spine could actually manifest itself as a headache. Any slight adjustment in the upper back may not be felt by pain in the spine. The nerves run up to the brain, and it is felt as a constant migraine. One major problem with making this connection is that, literally, millions of different ailments could cause a headache. A headache is one of the most ubiquitous symptoms. It could be caused by an unadjusted disc. It could also be caused by cancer, stress, bad cholesterol levels, and anything else in between.

Treatment for a headache in Topeka KS will be quite simple. It may incorporate hot and cold compression to the head and neck. Patients will receive the placement of a towel upon their neck. They are then told to state how the towel feels. The difference between hot and cold (and how the patient feels) will deliver a lot of information. The Center for Manual Medicine is a superb resource for medical care.

The patient will also receive a bit of caffeine to see if there is a connection between caffeine levels and headaches. A professional may also massage the area to physically feel for tangible symptoms. Lastly, a patient may receive a very common counter medication recommendation. They will often be recommended a visit a month after consistent intake of the medication. Diagnosing a headache takes time. covers more details about how a headache could be indicative of a serious injury that is finally providing a symptom.
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