Benefits of Transgender Top Surgery

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Transgender Surgeons

Transgender individuals experience many feelings surrounding who they are and how they look. While many struggles are mental and emotional, their appearance plays a role. Transgender top surgery offers many benefits to help individuals work toward their true selves.

Decreases Body Dissatisfaction

When individuals don’t feel comfortable in their bodies, it can cause significant mental strain and impact many aspects of their lives, including social interactions. Transgender top surgery is an excellent method for decreasing body dissatisfaction and improving social interactions with others. You will feel more confident about how you look to help you navigate daily life.

Appropriate Gender Recognition

Hormone therapy alters an individual’s appearance, but it often isn’t enough to ensure everyone addresses them appropriately. Transgender individuals are commonly mistaken for their birth gender rather than their preferred identity. By undergoing transgender top surgery, individuals will achieve a higher level of acceptance as their preferred gender with better access to facilities. People are more likely to use the correct gender pronouns.

A High Satisfaction Rates

Individuals who complete transgender top surgery report high satisfaction with the results. The satisfaction rate is well over 90 percent, giving individuals confidence once they make their choice. After surgery, these individuals find their quality of life improves and feel more comfortable in their daily lives.

If you’re considering transgender top surgery to start your gender affirmation, visit The International Center for Transgender Care.

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