An Orthotics Knee in Columbus, OH Improve a Patient’s Quality of Life

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Healthcare

When someone’s knee has become weakened due to illness or injury, an Orthotics Knee in Columbus OH can offer the support needed for the area. Some orthotics are worn after an injury or surgery for a short amount of time. Braces can also address chronic conditions when a patient needs to be added support. Orthotic bracing can be prescribed by a doctor and can be used passively or on a daily basis. A physician will work with a provider of orthotics to determine the type and style a patient will need for their individual condition. Orthotics can include custom shoes, diabetic shoes, and cranial helmets.

Some conditions of the knee can benefit from a foot orthotic. Other patients need a brace for the knee or for the entire leg, ankle, and foot. Off-the-shelf bracing can typically be used for minor injuries that do not require any type of customization. There are usually minimal instructions needed for the care or use of the orthosis. Sprains to the foot or ankle are common areas a patient can use an off-the-shelf brace. Orthotics Knee in Columbus OH is made of plastic, composite materials, or metal. They are primarily used to immobilize the knee joint and provide support after surgery. Knee orthoses can also help with chronic conditions including hyperextension and osteoarthritis.

An orthotics and prosthetics supplier has practitioners on-call seven days a week. They accept most insurances and provide a free initial consultation. They can help a patient with upper or lower extremity conditions and provide them with answers they need. Caring and compassionate staff understands a patient’s fears and concerns over the use of an orthotic or prosthetic device and will do everything in their power to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible.

Back pain is common for many individuals, and various orthotic braces can offer the relief a patient needs from the stress, strain, and pain they feel on a daily basis. If someone is in need of additional support for any part of their body, orthotics can help. For more information, please visit . They’re a family-owned company that’s been in business for 34 years providing the personalized service every patient needs.

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