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An MRI is an essential diagnostic tool to help medical professionals

An MRI is an essential diagnostic tool to help medical professionals effectively diagnose various medical conditions to provide prompt treatment options. However, many people feel uncomfortable with traditional MRI machines. The good news is that open MRI centers can provide an ideal solution to ensure you can get the diagnosis you need without the anxiety and issues surrounding traditional MRIs.

No Anxiety or Claustrophobia

A traditional MRI requires you to lie on a table and enter a confined tube to complete the test. This process leaves many patients feeling anxious. It also creates problems for individuals who experience claustrophobia. With open MRI centers of Orlando, you won’t have to deal with the tube. These machines are more flexible and provide a more comfortable experience for all patients.

No Size Restrictions

Because of the tube used in traditional MRIs, larger patients may be unable to complete an MRI. At open MRI centers, this factor isn’t an issue. The open MRI machines can accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes, including children, ensuring everyone has access to the accurate diagnostics they deserve for the most reliable treatment options.

Less Need for Sedation

Before open MRI centers were available, many patients who were ordered to undergo an MRI had to be sedated. While sedation is relatively safe, there is the risk of adverse side effects. If someone hasn’t been sedated before, they may feel nervous about it. With an open MRI, doctors typically won’t need to use sedation, ensuring a safer overall process.

If you’re interested in making an appointment with open MRI centers, visit the Open MRI of Orlando website to learn more about their services.

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