A Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND Helps a Broad Range of Patients

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Healthcare

Most people who need physical therapy do not have to recover at a residential rehabilitation and nursing care facility. They can go to sessions as outpatients at a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND and receive personalized care.

Physical therapists design a customized program for each patient after a comprehensive exam and interview, and review of the person’s medical records. They modify the program as improvements are made. These therapists keep up to date on the latest research and available technology in the field.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy assistants typically help patients learn and practice beneficial exercise. They also perform range-of-motion activities for the patients as they relax. For instance, the patient might recline on a therapy table while the assistant gently moves the injured leg to a specified distance.

This improves flexibility and strength while not tiring the client. Patients are usually expected to perform specific exercises at home between sessions too. More information on one particular rehab center is available at .

Measuring Progress

Physical therapists at a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND are careful not to force patients to progress too rapidly. Although a slow pace may feel frustrating, setbacks due to activity that is too vigorous are even more aggravating to clients. Therapists set measurable goals with detailed steps to achieve the desired outcome. That outcome is to recover as fully as possible.

Types of Patients Treated

Therapists at a center treat patients who have suffered a broad range of serious injuries. Athletic injuries can be overcome with physical rehabilitation and patients can recover from injuries caused by repetitive strain.

Patients who are dealing with a back or neck injury after an accident benefit from physical therapy. That accident might have been a vehicle collision, a fall on a slippery stairway or a tumble while rock climbing.

The effects of many serious diseases also can be treated with physical therapy. Stroke patients work hard to regain function at their therapy sessions. Sometimes therapy is intended to help patients maintain their level of function and cope with effects of a chronic disease. People with Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are examples.

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