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A Brief Overview of the Hair Transplant Procedure in Washington, DC

Many men who are frustrated with hair loss and who have had poor experiences with hair loss medications or topical creams decide that getting a hair transplant in Washington, DC is the best option for them. They realize that a hair transplant can be a permanent remedy that enhances their appearance, requires little maintenance, and produces natural-looking results.

When an individual has a hair transplant in Washington, DC, the doctor will start by using anesthesia. They will use general or local, depending on the patient and the extent of the procedure. During the entire procedure, the patient should not feel anything outside of the pressure from the prick of the needles.

Follicular unit transplant (FUT) is a popular and convenient technique used for hair transplants. With the FUT procedure, a doctor will take a strip of skin along with hair follicles from an area on the person’s head where their hair is growing well. This is referred to as the donor area. The hair follicles are then divided into individual hair follicles. Next, the doctor will implant graphs into holes made in the receiving area.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) shares similarities with FUT. Instead of taking a strip of hair follicles, with FUE, the doctor will use a patch of skin from the donor area.

Direct hair implantation is another advanced hair transplantation technique. With this technique, the doctor uses a special device to take hair follicles from the donated area and pass them to the transplanted area.

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