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A Brief Guide to the Process of Purchasing Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA

Typically, when people are interested in buying Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA, a representative comes to their home for a consultation. The knowledgeable representative needs to evaluate the person’s ability level to make sure he or she could manage with a stair lift. The staircase also must be considered in regard to its width, length and changes in direction.

Safety Issues With Staircases

Stairs in a home can become the most dangerous place for elderly persons who have trouble maneuvering because of balance issues or severe arthritis. They are at increased risk of falling while trying to climb up and down stairs. The moving chairs allow them to safely travel from one floor to another.

Payment Considerations

Health insurance policies generally do not cover this equipment, considering it medically unnecessary. Medicare and the associated supplement policies also do not cover stair lifts, unfortunately. People interested in purchasing a device will need to decide whether dipping into savings is worth doing so. For many individuals, it means the difference between continuing to live at home or having to move.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes the immediate family members decide to contact a company like McArdle Surgical to have this equipment installed at their loved one’s home. They have been anxious about this person’s safety. This elderly man or woman may have already fallen once or twice, and now they are scared it will happen on the staircase. The installation of a lift chair brings everyone peace of mind.

Features of Stair Lifts

When the representative arrives, the stairway is measured and a consultation is provided to the interested individual or family. Several products may be suitable, and prices vary depending on aspects like whether the staircase has any landings or curves. They come with foot rests and arm rests, as well as safety belts to be buckled in.

Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA can be left on the floor where the person is at the moment or they can always return to the original location. The person then uses a device to activate the lift to return so it can be used again. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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