A Beauty Salon in Philadelphia That Offers Much More Than Hair Services

by | May 30, 2017 | Health

The beauty industry is saturated with products and services to enhance any and all imperfections found on the human body. Both, women and men flock to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and spas quite frequently to make improvements on their bodies or face. Fortunately, because of the many advancements, plastic surgery is not the only option anymore when it comes to enhancements. Finding a beauty salon in Philadelphia that offers such services is not a difficult task anymore.

Many years ago, salons only offered hair services. Now, everything can be done at these salons. That is a rather positive change, since more and more people are interested in improving upon their natural looks. Such services include eyelash extensions, laser hair removal, permanent tattoo makeup, treatments for scars and stretch marks, skin care treatments and so much more. Beautiful You By Christine is a Beauty Salon in Philadelphia that offers such services and more. Click here to find out about this salon and the many different services they offer.

For more than 18 years, the salon has provided its many clients with the best skin care, hair removal techniques and permanent makeup in the area. The services are unique in that they are made up specifically to fit the needs of the client. For example, there has been a growing interest among many women when it comes to having perfect eyebrows. The new trend involves permanent and perfect eyebrows obtained through pigmentation. The process involves a consultation. This is to ensure the color and shape. Then a topical aesthetic is applied to numb the area. From there, the permanent makeup can be applied. There is no downtime involved, as it is not an invasive procedure. This type of application is only one example of the different services offered.

As stated above, call to set up a consultation to see what services will benefit the type of look you are trying to achieve. There are so many different enhancements possible, that everyone can benefit from a little bit of work done. Again, all of these services offered are non-surgical procedures and do not require any healing time.

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