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7 Ways to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Preparing for laser hair removal in West Vancouver doesn’t too much time and effort. Read through the list below to find out how to get ready for your laser hair removal treatment.

Talk to your doctor

Before you go ahead with the procedure, figure out if it’s really the right one for you. For instance, talk to your doctor about your goals. What do you want and expect out of the procedure? Will your expectations match the results?

Provide your medical history

Make it easier for your doctor to get your medical history. If you’re allergic to any medication, let your doctor know beforehand. If you’ve had any surgeries or suffer from chronic conditions, inform your doctor as well, Livestrong says.

Ask about the risks

Before you undergo laser hair removal in West Vancouver, be fully aware of the risks. A good doctor will provide you with information on possible side-effects like skin irritation and pigment changes, to name a few. By knowing what could happen, you won’t panic. You’ll be better able to handle any side-effects if they happen.

Stay out of the sun

You’ll need to stay out of the sun for about six weeks before the treatment takes place. Make sure you use sunscreen every day as well.

Don’t pluck

If you’re already going through with the laser treatment, then forget about waxing or plucking. Any of these methods can get in the way of the hair follicle growth. Leave any trouble hairs be while you wait for your appointment.

Stop taking supplements

If you take supplements or herbals that thin out your blood, you’ll need to skip them before the operation. This includes any anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin you’re taking at the moment.

Trim and shave

Do this a day before the treatment. Just trim enough of the hair above the skin but leave the shaft underneath intact.

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