6 Ways to Know If It’s the Right Drug Detox Program for You

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Health

Finding drug detox programs in New Jersey is easy. Finding one that’s ideal for you isn’t. That’s going to take a bit more time and research. Here are a few tips to help you along:

Determine your expectations

What kind of results do you expect? Know what those expectations are. This will help you figure out if a program is a good fit for you or not. If you think completing that 28-day program is enough, then good. However, if recovery is your goal, you might need longer than 28 days.

Talk to your family about it

Discuss it with your family. Talking it out with your family also helps you sort things out. Your family or support system can help you scout around for the program and facility that’s right for you. Just reach out and ask for help.

Short-term or long-term?

If you’re new to drug addiction, then you might want to opt for a short-term program. However, if you already suffer from years of drug use and drug dependency, then a long-term program might be a better option.

Ask if they substitute the drug

Some programs offer to substitute the drug with other less harmful ones. These are harm-reduction programs, says Narconon. If you want a complete recovery, you will need more than this to live a drug-free life. Talk to the program administrators about it to see if there are other options possible.

Ask about the program and after care

What kind of activities does the program entail? How will these activities help you alleviate those cravings? Some programs offer specific methodologies along with support meetings and counseling. Some might offer prescription medications to help you suppress those cravings and get them under control. Determine which programs offer the best combination of options to help you the most. Don’t forget to ask about the after-care. This is as important as the rehabilitation itself. A good after care program can be serve as a major lifeline to prevent you from relapsing in the future.

Be honest with yourself

You know what you need. Don’t make do with a shorter or outpatient program when you know you need an inpatient treatment program that’s longer than 28 days. By getting the right help, you have a better chance at recovery, that much sooner.

Don’t be afraid to seek out the right help. Call us at Behavioral Crossroads for more details.

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