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6 Things to Know about LASIK Surgery

Living with blurry vision is inconvenient. If you’re tired of wearing contact lenses or want the freedom that comes from not wearing those glasses, then it may be time to consider LASIK surgery.

Follow those pre-surgery instructions

Be sensible. Follow all the doctor’s orders. Don’t try to skip any, thinking it won’t negatively affect the surgery. If you don’t want to learn your lesson the hard way, comply with those orders to effectively lower the risk of infection after your surgery.

Know the difference

You’ll hear about two types of surgery: the Blade-free LASIK surgery and the blade LASIK surgery. Both prove effective and efficient. However, some surgeons advocate the first one for safer results.

It’s painless

Worried that it may hurt? Don’t be. The procedure is quick and painless. However, recovery is another matter. Once the freezing wears off, you’ll start feeling the pain and discomfort. Go for the meds then. Your doctor will prescribe you with painkillers to help you feel better as your cornea swells and heals.

Have someone with you

This is an outpatient procedure, according to the Active Beat. You’ll be in and out of the hospital or clinic in a matter of hours. Be sure to bring someone along, though, when you go for Blade-free LASIK. You’ll be in no condition to drive after the treatment. It’s best that you have a friend or family member drive you to and back from the clinic.

Take a rest

Don’t try to resume your normal activities, especially your exercise routine. Give your body time to heal. Your recovery will go that much quicker if you have plenty of rest and sleep.

Be ready for the side effects

A few possible side effects of the procedure include greater sensitivity to light, dry eyes and seeing haloes around lights. These should go away on their own a few days after the surgery. If these side effects continueto last more than a few days after the surgery, let your surgeon know.

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