5 Benefits of a Natural Birth

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Health

There are plenty of benefits to choosing natural birth.

Freedom of movement

When you ask for an epidural, you’re essentially confining yourself to the bed. You’re going to be hooked up to external monitors that signal if your water is broken or show how the baby is handling the labor process, Baby Chick says. That’s a good reason to start attending natural childbirth classes.

Greater control

With a natural birth, you have more control over the process. You’re a proactive participant. You aren’t unconscious or unaware. That should make for a better birth experience. Also, you can consult with your doctor and doula on the best ways to handle the discomfort and pain during labor. You can try massage, counter-pressure, and music along with cold and hot therapy, walking the halls and more.

Fewer medications

When you ask for an epidural, it increases the chances of you needing medical necessities and assistance. You may end up needing an oxygen mask, or your doctor may suggest vacuum extraction and more.

Fewer chances of a C-section

A C-section requires longer recovery times because it puts the body through more trauma. Natural childbirth, on the other hand, is much kinder on your body so you may find yourself well enough to walk up and down the halls of the hospital just a day after your labor, if not sooner. That gives you another good reason to start going to natural childbirth classes.

Shorter labor

The use of epidurals can result in longer labor times. Numbing your lower body, so you don’t feel the contractions gets in the way of your body’s natural instincts. You don’t feel the need to push and that results in longer labor. If you want faster labor times, then think about opting for a natural birth.

With the right classes, you’ll be more than ready for a natural birth experience.

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