4 Signs a Person Needs Hearing Care Service in Lancaster, PA

by | May 23, 2017 | Health

Over 35 million Americans have hearing loss to some extent and, unfortunately, many deny they have a problem. Only about 20% of people get the help they need, according to the experts. Sound exposure damage is cumulative, which makes hearing loss harder to detect in many cases. Below are several early signs of hearing loss.

Irritation at Those Who Don’t “Speak Up”

Higher-pitched voices are the first to be unheard because they’re picked up by the outer portion of the cochlea. This part of the ear picks up sound vibrations and converts them into a form recognizable by the brain, and it’s highly vulnerable to damage. Many people ignore this change for a while until they realize it’s a problem. If someone is having a hard time hearing high-pitched sounds, they should find hearing care service in Lancaster, PA.

Not Knowing Where Sounds Are Coming From

When someone begins to talk, those with good hearing know where the sound is coming from. However, when someone has hearing loss, they lose their ability to locate sounds. Such a person will spend time looking for other cues to get an idea of the sound’s origin.

Playing the TV and Radio Too Loud

When someone loses their hearing, they may set the volume on the TV and radio too loudly for others in the household. This is one of the most prevalent signs of hearing loss, but it’s almost invisible to the one with the problem. If controlling the volume is a source of controversy in the household, someone may be losing their hearing.

Asking People to Repeat Themselves

Another early sign of hearing loss comes from the sufferer’s mouth. Someone who can’t hear often asks others to repeat themselves, which can become a problem in some families. According to a study done in San Francisco in 2004, the wives of men with hearing loss bore a significant burden in terms of psychological and physical well-being.

A person who cannot see is usually willing to go in for an eye exam, but for some reason, a hearing loss still carries a stigma. A hearing care service in Lancaster, PA can help rule out other causes such as TMJ, ear infections, and foreign objects in the ear. If someone is experiencing any of the above signs of hearing loss, it’s important to seek care from Lancaster ENT as soon as possible.

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