4 Questions to Know If You’re Suffering from Opiate Addiction

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Health

Opiate abuse has long been a thorn in the government’s side. With plenty of abuse and overdose cases, the problem just keeps coming back. Today, it’s on the level of an epidemic, killing more patients than any other medication that’s used for nonfatal conditions, CNN reports.

If you take opiates, here are a few signs you’re addicted and that you need to seek out a facility to get access to opiate withdrawal medication in Fort Lauderdale that can help:

Do you use more than the recommended amount?

Opiates are used as pain killers. But if you keep using more than the amount recommended by your doctor, that could be a sign that you’re already addicted. If you have started using higher doses of the drug without any recommendation from your physician, that’s a red flashing sign that you need help.

When was your last dose?

If the time between your doses keep getting shorter, that could be another sign that you’re already getting in too deep with the drug. Consider getting in touch with your doctor. That way, you can get access to opiate withdrawal medication in Fort Lauderdale in safe and controlled amounts. That or find help in flushing the body out of your system with a reputable detox and rehab facility.

Did you ever try to quit?

If you’ve tried to quit the drug before but found it hard to do so, that’s a definite sign of addiction. Get help as soon as you can. This can make the difference between a relatively painless detox and rehab process as opposed to a hard, long, frustrating and difficult one.

These questions can help you determine if you’re heading dangerously toward opiate abuse. If you recognize the signs, take steps to fight against the addiction. Get help as soon as possible.

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