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2 Things You Can Expect When Undergoing EMG Testing in Orlando

Have you been frequently experiencing tingling, numbness, and/or muscle weakness? Do you suffer from muscle cramps and pain? Are you wondering what could be causing these symptoms? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you may need to visit a healthcare professional that offers electromyography (EMG) testing in Orlando. Here are two things to expect during this procedure.

Tiny Electrical Currents

One thing to expect during an EMG examination is that you will feel tiny electrical currents that many describe as small twinges. These electrical currents will help the healthcare expert accurately and precisely diagnose the symptoms you have been experiencing.

Sedation or Breaks

Another thing to expect from this diagnostic procedure is that you can request a light sedation or request to take a break. As mentioned, you will be subjected to electrical currents which may cause discomfort. If you are experiencing pain during the examination, then you may ask your healthcare provider to provide you with a way to reduce the pain or to take a quick break.

Top-Quality Diagnostic Services in Orlando

Perhaps you are now searching for a healthcare center that offers EMG testing in Orlando so you can obtain a proper diagnosis for the pain you are suffering. Visit the professionals who care at MD Diagnostic Specialists. They have been offering exceptional services and have been serving patients for several years. So, when searching for a diagnostic center that offers EMG testing in Orlando, they are the ones you can trust for top-quality care. Call or visit them at to schedule an appointment today.

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